25, Single and Carefree? You Lucky Thing, You Still Need a Will

Nobody likes to think about dying. In fact, we can remember what 25 felt like and it feels like you’re going to live forever, doesn’t it? Your body is in perfect working order, your mind is a machine and the world is yours for the taking.

You can head boldly to new lands and explore. There’s nothing you can’t do. So why should you get a will, when everything’s fine and you have no real assets to leave behind?

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Everyone Needs a Will

The other thing we remember about being 25 is that all too often, everything is about you. When life has so much vitality, it’s easy to forget that it’s not only about ourselves. You don’t write a will for yourself, you write it because if the worst, unthinkable scenario should occur – you can help take care of those you leave behind.

But I’m Travelling!

The good news is that with a few specific exceptions, a will that you’ve drafted at home will be honoured in most countries around the world by treaty. Gallivanting around the world is an awesome experience in your 20s but it shouldn’t stop you from making a will.

But I’m Single!

You may be single but you’ll have people you leave behind all the same: friends, parents, siblings and other important people that influence your life and whose lives you have touched upon. Those people can benefit from you leaving a will.

But I Have no Assets!

There are assets in terms of financial worth and it’s fair to say that many of us at 25 particularly in this economy, don’t have substantial assets of this nature. If you do, good on you, but if you don’t – it’s worth remembering that while these may be the “traditional assets” of wills, there is another kind of asset and one which almost all of us have – “sentimental assets.”

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Would you want your loved ones fighting over your record collection or your jewellery? It may not seem “valuable” when measured in money but the value to your loved ones won’t be in the money; it will be in the memories of you.

This is why you make a will in your twenties, no matter what your circumstances are. It’s not to take care of the money (that many of us don’t have), it’s to take care of the people that we love.

If the worst should happen; don’t you want to think of your loved ones being able to celebrate your life rather than focusing on falling out over minor material matters? We think that’s what most of us want.

A Celebration of Life

There is also one more thing that you can help with in your will. You can specify how your life should be celebrated. You can choose how to be remembered and ensure that your wishes are respected once you are gone. We think that’s pretty important too.

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If you’d like to learn more about this – contact us, we’d be happy to discuss things in more detail.