Let’s Talk About Why You Are Unique and Let’s Do It Now

Imagine, just for a minute, that all your friends and family had come together to talk about you. It’s a party and you are the guest of honour. What would you like them to say, how would you want them to celebrate your life and the way that you made them feel?

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You’ve probably never given this question much though before, have you? It’s not the sort of thing that comes up every day, is it? In fact, the idea might sound a little “egocentric.”  It isn’t though. It’s a conversation that you really should have now.

You Are Unique and Special             

It is important that you know that you are unique and special. You may feel that strongly today or you may not but it is always true. You are handling life’s challenges along with the people that you love; you are creating something truly individual in a universe of possible experiences.  That’s a real achievement. It’s also something worth celebrating.

The people who are closest to you, all hold a part of your life’s story. They remember laughing in the rain as you waited for a bus together. They think about the way that you were there when they needed you. They carry the essence of the times that you were in pain and soldiered on. They fondly recall the moments of irritation which might have driven them mad but instead, became part of the reason that they loved you.

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The Story of You         

OK but so what? Why do we need to talk about this? Let’s go back to that party at the start. What if everyone was there waiting to tell your story but you weren’t going to be there?

This may sound hypothetical now. But it represents a very real situation for many people. When someone passes away, those left behind come together to celebrate the life of the person who has moved on.

In that moment, they often find that they are struggling to find a narrative thread to bring all their different pictures of that person together. There’s a unique story to be told but in the midst of grief, it’s a story that’s hard to articulate.

You Can Make it Easy to Tell

You are the one that holds the whole story of your life. It can be incredibly beneficial to the people who love you, if you examine that story with us. We can help them bring the threads of their experiences of you together to weave the tapestry of your life in a way that you would want them to.

We can help lessen the grief and pain and focus on celebrating the person that touched their hearts at the moment that they most need you.

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This isn’t a morbid process. We don’t want to talk about death, we want to talk about life. We want to know who you are because it’s important that your unique story is told one day.