What is Kazique?

We are funeral celebrants and, with you, we take care of everything.

Kazique plans, creates and performs funerals (life celebrations) and wakes (after parties).

Kazique is your personal alternative.  Our funeral events are individual, unique and ‘hand crafted’. 

When someone close to you passes away Kazique connects with you to understand their life, what made them ‘tick’ and how you want to celebrate and remember their legacy. 

“Maybe they loved walking the dog, lounging back with the paper and a coffee (or wine), surfing the smoothest wave, or cooking up a storm to their favourite song?  Shouldn’t these things be part of their life celebration?  After all, that’s how you’ll always remember them!” Kylie

Whether it’s the small details or the big moments of life, Kazique will organise with you a unique and memorable funeral that honours the person and the memories of them that you cherish.


(03) 9988 6117