Kylie – Director

I was swinging off the anchor rope of a gulet in Turkey when on the other side of the world a blood vessel burst in my mum’s brain.  This funky, fit and healthy fifty seven year old dropped dead and I spent the next three days flying from Turkey to Rome to London to New Zealand to finally land in my hometown to be greeted by a coffin.  That moment changed my life forever.

My mum was vibrant and amazing.  She deserved a celebration.  So I went into ‘production mode’.  With a background in performing arts and production I realised that a funeral is like any other major life event – it needs planning, understanding, creative thought, detail, and a very unique personal touch.

Mum’s funeral made such an impression on people that I was asked to organise several other funerals and to make them ‘beautiful unique occasions’, as became my signature.

As always with me – once I get my teeth into something I just can’t let go.  So I began to ask questions:

Why do we have funerals in venues that have little or no connection to the person we are publicly recognising for the last time?

Why do we wear black and dress in ways that make us feel uncomfortable?

Why do we get caught up with expenses that don’t add to the celebration of an individual’s life?

The more questions I asked the more the answers led to one thing: YOUR personal legacy.  Therefore I ask you ‘How do you want to celebrate and remember the life of your loved one?’

Whether the answer is ‘I have no idea’ or ‘I have a million ideas’ Kazique is here to plan it and create it. To make sure that when either you , or a loved one, are farewelled for the last time that it is a celebration.  That everyone who is there says ‘Wow, I couldn’t have imagined this any other way.’

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Kylie Mouat – Director, Funeral Celebrant