Kazique is a unique company specialising in hand crafted creative funerals (life celebrations) and wakes (after parties).  If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below please contact us so that we can help you.

What is Kazique?

Kazique plans, creates and performs funerals (life celebrations) and wakes (after parties).  Our events are individual, unique and hand crafted.

What sets Kazique apart from traditional funerals?

Traditional and religious funerals are covered by a multitude of funeral homes.  Kazique is the personal alternative.

When someone close to you passes away Kazique connects with you to understand their life, what made them ‘tick’ and how you want to celebrate and remember their legacy.

Can Kazique plan and create your loved one’s funeral (life celebration)?


Does Kazique have celebrants to perform the ceremony?


Does Kazique creatively organise the wake (after party)?


Do I need to engage with a funeral director?

No you don’t.  We take care of everything including the body, the cremation or burial, the funeral service and the wake.

Will Kazique do a traditional funeral?

If, by traditional, you mean in a church or funeral home the answer is generally no.  A church will be considered if the minister is willing to participate in a creative and unique event completely facilitated by Kazique.

How much will a Kazique life celebration and after-party cost?

There is no set rate for our unique services.  The event will be tailored completely to the individual therefore the cost will depend upon your choices. We are happy to discuss this with you.  We’re here now; 0402 362 655.

What is the point in having a Kazique ‘planning ahead’ package?

Kazique wants to help your loved ones avoid the usual funeral recipe of difficult decisions, unnecessary expenses and inevitable disagreements.  They are in a raw, emotional and vulnerable state when you pass away.  Having your life celebration and after-party planned allows your loved ones to publicly acknowledge you for the last time in an event that is uniquely YOU.

How much does a Kazique ‘plan ahead’ package cost?

Several packages are available starting at $385.  Click here for the full pricing table and descriptions.

Will Kazique cater for my spiritual beliefs?

If you are spiritual your Kazique funeral event can incorporate the beliefs or rituals that you would like included.

Can my family over-ride my Kazique plan?

If your plan is attached to your will, the short answer is no. Kazique is a complete service. Your Kazique event planner will walk you through how to secure your wishes. Communication with those closest to you is always advised as this can help everyone understand that you have a planned life celebration and after-party in place.

I haven’t settled down yet, why do I need to plan ahead?

Your Kazique pre-plan package is in place to cover the fact that after you pass away, the celebration that is your haphazard, multi-faceted or play-by-play life is a complete and unique representation of YOU. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or whether or not you have an investment portfolio. A Kazique event celebrates all THAT you are.

Won’t my loved ones want to organise my funeral at the time?

Your loved ones DO want to organise a funeral for you, they want to celebrate you and they will miss you. But talking about planning a life celebration when you’re alive and doing it once you’ve passed away are two very different things. A Kazique plan is a gift to those closest to you: you’re doing it, so they don’t have to.

I’ve told my loved ones exactly what I want when I die.  Surely they will follow my wishes?

Remember that time you said you didn’t want a surprise party and your loved ones did it anyway? Or the time you asked your mum not to cook you a week’s worth of Chicken Soup and let herself into your home – and she came over regardless?

When you feel raw emotionally even the simplest things can become a nightmare. Everyone will have their own ideas about what you want and when you feel raw emotionally even the simplest things can become a nightmare.  A Kazique plan is clear and pre-organised. Your event, based on your wishes, will allow those closest to you to come to be part of a celebration knowing that this is what YOU wanted.  Without stress and awkward decisions.

My life continually changes.  How will this plan be relevant in five years let alone forty years?

If your life and decisions change (and lets be honest, they probably will) you can change your plan. It’s easy. Kazique archives and stores your completed plan including your uploaded images and video. You will be contacted annually to assess the relevancy of your initial decisions, take an all round ‘look-see’ and make any necessary changes or additions to your plan.

I don’t care what happens to me when I die.  I’m dead, chuck me in a box and be done with it.

Those closest to you DO care what happens after you die.  They need to celebrate who you are – they love you despite your quirks.  Your life has meaning to them and you are important.  They want to celebrate the little details and the big moments of your life.  This is your last public recognition.  Make it count.

I’m young, fit and healthy with my whole life ahead of me.  I don’t want to think about death.  I love living.

We completely agree! You love doing the things that are fulfilling in life. You live for a great dinner party and time in your garden, you love listening to songs you haven’t heard in years , you donate to a charity that is very close to your heart, you are a coffee connoisseur and you LOVE going out dancing to live music.  These things will appear in your Kazique plan: delicious food, your favourite coffee or cocktail and perhaps a band playing your ‘top 10’ greatest hits.  People who attend will (hopefully) get on board with the charity that you have been so passionate about. You love living and everyone who comes to your funeral will celebrate the parts of life that you love so much.

I don’t have a Will.  Does that matter?

You don’t need to have a will to have a Kazique plan. A Kazique plan will enact your wishes when the time comes. A will covers your other possessions: assets, who-gets-what and other wishes you may have in place. A will is recommended, as, like a Kazique plan, a will can clarify your wishes to your loved ones so that there are no loose ends left to confuse or upset anyone. Kazique can offer specialised guidance when it comes to will making, simply contact us.

Should I give copies of my plan to my next of kin/emergency contact and/or my lawyer?

As part of your Kazique plan, hard and digital copies are provided to you and digital copies are sent to other parties that you nominate; eg. your partner, your best friend, your lawyer, the executor/s of your will (if you have one).

Who else should I inform about my Kazique plan?

Kazique suggests open and healthy conversations about this part of your life. Talking with those closest to you can help take away that awkward, weird feeling we have when discussing death and funerals. You may wish for certain friends or family to have a role or task in your life celebration and after party.  Talk to them and let them know how unique and special this is.

How do I know that my personal details will be kept secure with Kazique?

Kazique data is protected with a 256 bit SSL certificate.  Click here for our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

My loved one is terminally ill and I want to help plan their funeral.  How do I do that?

Every single experience is unique and personal. At Kazique we are happy to talk to you about your particular situation. Good communication between yourself, your loved ones and other important people can help to facilitate a funeral that honours the wishes and life of your loved one.

Do I have to have a Kazique ‘plan ahead’ package in order to have a life celebration and after-party?

No.  Kazique will happily put together a unique life celebration and after-party for you or someone close to you without a plan in place.  Simply contact us and we’ll talk you through the options.

Can I contact Kazique to make enquiries if I am not the next of kin?

Of course. While Kazique isn’t a counselling service, we can and want to answer your questions.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where you stand and what is ok for you to do, especially in sad and emotional situations.  Contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

Funerals are a waste of money.  Why should I bother?

We agree. A lot of traditional funeral costs are for items that are simply not required.

Money should be spent on the things that are integral to your life celebration and after-party. Your event may be a small gathering in your favourite park followed by wine and cheese in your own garden, or a giant knees-up at your favourite restaurant. Kazique believes that the priority is the event itself.

I don’t speak to my family so what is the point in organising a funeral?

Your ‘family’ might be made up of people who originally started out as acquaintances  and over time they have become important pillars in your life. Those closest to you don’t have to have the same coloured eyes or the ‘family’ nose.   Blood and marriage aren’t the only things that qualify family. Many people don’t communicate to blood relatives anymore but are surrounded by supportive, hilarious, and dependable life long friends. Your Kazique plan can include anyone or anything. And your family can be what, and who, you make of it.

What happens if the venue that I choose for my ceremony and/or ‘after party’ no longer exists when I die?

When the time comes to create your life celebration Kazique will contact your nominated venue/s to book in your event. If the venue itself doesn’t exist any more or has changed so as to be unusable, based upon your specifications, Kazique will find a similar venue so your life celebration goes ahead as planned.