What To Expect

We take care of the person’s body

Kazique can offer viewings from the moment someone dies. Whether at home or in a hospital, we leave the body in its natural state and surrounded with personal items. Friends and family can visit, taking time to say goodbye. The body is then taken to our mortuary. From there we co-ordinate with you, the cremation or burial that matters most to you.

We create and deliver the funeral event

Caring for the body first means we can spend as much time as needed with you on the life celebration. Without the confines of a funeral home, any idea can be made real and any location chosen. We work with you creating the concept, organising the event, facilitating the whole service from the first to the final minute – even cleaning and packing. The celebration is yours, the responsibility is ours.

If this sounds right for you,¬†we’re here now.

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